Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of folks asking how the concrete dried so fast. Thanks to Southern Star Concrete and their ingredient mix - it took approximately 5 hours for the slab to cure. That set us up to frame on time. The interior of the home moved along well on Friday. Sheetrock, foam insulation, etc. The foam insulation is phenomenal. It was explained that it is the equivalent of living inside a Styrofoam cup. And, the temperature in the attic space should not ever be more than 7 degrees different from the living space inside the home. Energy Efficiency at its best! It's hard to believe that a home is: set on a foundation, framed, sheet rocked, insulated, and partially bricked and roofed in a 48 hour time period. Again - many thanks to the amazing subs and vendors who are assuring this home is built using a vertical building schedule and the most quality materials and workmanship. Update compliments which is the main site for this amazing project!

I was not on set today, I was behind the scene hard at work making sure all the small prints that will be used for table tops, night stands etc. were ready to order, picking up the framing and driving to Dallas to Full color lab to pick up the beautiful wall portrait of the family that I was able to photograph the first day. Thanks to full color for printing the beautiful 30x30 B&W canvas image at rapid speed and for donating the image to the Augustin family. I am so excited for them to see it! I was also doing a couple of the last Christmas shoots for our clients in the studio. I need to say the biggest thank you to Terry, had he not worked so hard and so many hours to keep the studio up and running this week (almost by himself), I would not have been able to volunteer so many hours to this project. After all it is Christmas, our busiest time of year! But, even in the extremely long hours, tiredness, cold weather and missing my own family, Oh! yeah and my own house being a disaster with no Christmas tree or lights on the house that work yet! I can truly say this has been one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of! Wow! What a week! I am so thankful to Wall homes and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for allowing me to do this with you guys! Surprisingly for me, I am not even worried about the tree or lights, I will resume my normal, crazy life on Wednesday. The tree will go up, the house will get cleaned and this experience will all be over. Except for the family and all of us who gave... We will hopefully all forever be changed, not just because a new house was built, but because of the sacrifice and all the love it took from hundreds of strangers who gave away their own lives, businesses, kids, and responsibilities for one week to give all we had to make a difference for a omeone else who was in need. Isn't this the true meaning of Christmas anyway?