Thursday, October 25, 2007

Experiencing Friendship though the Lens of a Camera can Inspire the inspired..

As I witnessed this beautiful young woman being loved and cared for from a group of women wanting more than anything for their friend Cindy to be ok I was moved to tears. I said to one of the girls, my dad always said to me "if at the end of your life you can count your true friends on one hand you've lived a blessed life." Here Cindy is with nine. One of the girls said, "she is the kind of friend that has friends that would do anything for her because she's done the same for us." In that moment I thought, "that is so much bigger than cancer! In the first few days of finding out, one of the girls, Melissa, came by the studio and said, "Bobbie Jo we have to do something," so we planned a fun girls night out for her and her best pals at my studio! We did a fun, light photo session for them to one lift her spirit and two to record this dynamic friendship. In that moment I was inspired to be a better friend." I always make time for my husband, my kids, my home and my business, but I struggle with making time for my friends, not because I don't cherish the relationships, it's just time. I was so emotional after the experience with this amazing group of gals, I began to think that Cindy will be ok irregardless of what the cancer does or doesn't do because she is so blessed by the love she's given to her friends and family. She has cancer, but cancer does not have her beautiful spirit or her blessed friendships.

After my moments with Cindy I want to give more love and time to the precious relationships I have been so blessed by. I am so honored to get to do what I do and experience the lives and relationships that are always precious to someone. These types of sessions are so dear to my heart and I really understand how important they are from losing my own dad and mother-in-law to sickness. I thank you for allowing me to record and experience the life stories you share.

To Cindy and her family & friends, I wish you peace, comfort and joy during this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and thanks for all the laughs. You guys were great!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fresh New Look

Fresh new look for Major Images! We are so excited about the brand new website as well as the opportunity to start "blogging." This is the the place where we will keep you up to date on the newest things happening at Major Images. Also, please stop by and see us at the studio. We have a brand new look there as well. We are in the process of changing all the images on display and have added new gallery style displays that are really cool!

The Family Affair is our next big event! The change of weather and a chance to wear new fall clothes are always a great time of year. The Holidays are the one time of year when we always seem to make the Family Portrait happen. Even in the busiest time of year we squeeze it in and are always glad we did.

Until November 10, 2007 you can purchase a small package and your session fee will be included in the price. We will also help you with clothing suggestions to ensure your portrait makes a statement. At Major Images we want to be inspired by your life and design art for the walls of your home, gifts for family and Christmas cards. These sessions are filling up fast so be sure to call and schedule your appointment right away! 817-795-9922