Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New images of me for the about us page on the website

In working on these images of myself today, I have decided that the expressions I do to get the expressions from my clients (smiles and laughs)during a shoot is causing me to need a little bit of botox. Holy cow! Why do we have to get lines on our face? I decided It was time for a new image of me for my website, that's what these are, I think. The one I have now looks so serious and I was about 10lbs skinnier then. I lost 20lbs last year after running my booty off literally, I ran with my friend Alicia like 3- 5 miles, 4 to 5 times a week and dieted for months, I was doing so good! I am not sure what happened, as soon as I was feeling back in shape, I stopped everything! Dang, if I didn't go right back to my bag of donut holes which I adore, and stopped running! Good news is that I have gotten back on track and have done without my bag of donut holes for 8 whole days... Alicia and I are back to working out 5 days a week and have been for going on 3 weeks. Hopefully, I will lose the 10 lbs. by Halloween. Anyway, after seeing the serious side of me for a year now, I thought it was time for a change and so here are some images of me being silly. Back to the botox... I am honestly afraid of needles, I don't know if I could do it or not. I am only 34, but I am serious about not liking the lines! I relise that I do squint through the camera for hours each day which is what is causing them, I just know it! That and I talk with expression! Botox should just be a tax right off or covered by insurance for photographers, you know, like how people get coverage for carpal tunnel or other job related injuries, mine is just lines! Ha Ha....

Our 2008 Day on the farm session

I have been so excited to get these posted for Cindy and her friends! Your kids are precious and were so much fun! My favorite sessions usually involve babies and kids. They are just so unexpected and they find there own expressions and movements with such confidence. This is my new favorite hot spot! I love it. I know upon arrival every single client is saying to themselves, "Why?" It's not pretty or even the slightest bit attractive, but that is my style. I am an expert at mixing yucky and pretty. I love putting people who are dressed cool in an environment that to anyone else would never work and make it awesome, artistic art. This style comes from my photography background in my very first downtown studio. That's when I had to work with pure "Yuck," and make it work. Thanks Kendal and Walker for looking so cool for our 2008 Day on the farm session.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sometimes as a photographer you really have to use your skills...

Today as I began photographing this adorable little family, Townes their precious two year old son was having no part of this cool, urban session. I mean he had no idea this would result in some awesome images of him with his mom and dad. He's two...
Sometimes as a photographer you really have to use skills way beyond a camera and an assistant. You have to use your college psychology, parenting skills and plain boy (tomboy in my case) instinct. Thank goodness I have two boys... I actually poured water on my head to get him into the idea of thinking about the fun and forgetting he was sitting still long enough for me to capture amazing images of him and his family. I thought I had used waterproof mascara and yeah, I didn't. I looked like I had a scary clown doing my makeup job by the end of this session. Black eye, wet hair and sweaty! Guess what? I truly loved every minute of it! It is such a challenge and yet so rewarding to be able to develop a concept with the client, which is usually accomplished through the consultation. Our goal is always a "believable, life stage portrait" of each family. After the session I return to the studio and get to see exactly what was captured and that's when I see the intial concept come to be. That's when it's really Wow for me! This was one of those Ah ha! sessions! Thanks, guys you were awesome!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who says you can't be a star athlete and gorgeous!

Tobi is absolutely both, an awesome volleyball player for Arlington High school and gorgeous! I had so much fun with her and her pals, also v-ball players for AHS. I am excited for you to see the rest of your session, this is one of my favorite images from the day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

One more for Paige...

I was so excited at how this image turned out that I had to share one more with Paige, I am totally impressed with your blog by the way. I love the cool, modern feel to this image. Paige, you did perfect on the clothes. This is a great example of what we like to see. No matchy, matchy clothes! What a cute family image! So Believable and cool!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Blake!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Blake!

Beautiful b&w images of babies faces are really precious and timeless, They are always some of my favorites from a session! I love Blake's soft expression and that sweet little finger in her mouth. She did great mom and dad and the rest images are just as beautiful!