Monday, April 21, 2008

urban kids

This video show is a little sample of our urban kids session. Don't miss out on this one! call today 817-795-9922.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Attention 2009 seniors, We are having an 8 hour sale on May 27th for those of you excited to get your senior portraits done this summer. Click on the image above and the info for the sale will appear larger.

Also, a little bonus gift- Book during the 8 hour sale and you will receive our brand new senior show of your favorite 10 images just like the one of Kelsey on the blog! Call 817-795-9922 on May 27th and book your summer senior portraits!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 senior show!

New Video for 2008 Seniors!
Check out this brand new video show that we are offering to our 2008 seniors.

If you haven't already had your 2008 Senior Portraits done yet, schedule in April and you will receive a free video show just like Kelsey's of your 10 favorite images. To the seniors we have already photographed this season give us a call by April 28th and we will make you a show, since this is a brand new product we are just now offering it, but we definitely don't want you to miss out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The eyes of the artist

I think it is so important for my existing clients as well as future clients to see and understand what it is a professional portrait artist really achieves.  I am using this beautiful little girl for a wonderful example.  This is Paige and she is one of the most unique and beautiful little girls I have the privilege to photograph.  When photographing her last week in my camera I saw image number one, in my heart I saw image number two.  Through the beauty of technology the image was transformed into what I saw in my heart.  I think often times people think just having the right equipment is enough, it's so much more than that!  True, Artistic images take years of fine tuning through education, practice and passion.  You must be willing to put in years of learning to achieve an understanding of  light, posing, composition and technology. Only then does it becomes true art.  It only begins with a creative eye,  but that alone is not enough to be a true photographic artist.  Just a word from my heart


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Senior 2008 sessions are in full swing at Major Images

The last of the 2008 senior sessions are in full swing. We are busy little bees getting the graduating class all photographed before the long anticipated graduation invitations go out. We have met the coolest seniors and parents of seniors this spring. Thanks for inspiring me! Each of you have a totally different look in your images and I love that! I honestly never know what type of feel the images will have, until the senior comes in for the session and each of you have brought in cool clothes and great ideas that have really helped make it an inspired senior season that has pushed me to be a more creative photographer and for that I want to say a big thanks! I personally want to wish you all best in your future endeavors. Follow your heart and pursue what you love, you are naturally good at and most importantly what you are passionate about. I believe that is where true happiness professionally is found. Thanks again for choosing Major Images for your senior portraits. These are a few of my favorite images we have photographed in the last couple of weeks. Thanks again!