Friday, March 7, 2008

It does not get any cuter than little man Grant

Meet Grant the cutest and happiest little man I've worked with lately.  I have enjoyed working with his mom, dad, and big brother Blake for several years and now I am loving getting to photograph him.  What a great model he was for his 10 1/2 month pictures.  (Perfect actually!) He smiled and was delightful the entire time.  For this age it's fun to get them outside and let them just do what little guys do.  Grant has beautiful eyes and they really show with the reflection of the blue sky.  I love the hat pic's.  Grant was not such a fan, he kept pulling it off. 
Great job Beth and Grant! 
It was fun and the images are awesome I can't wait for you to see the rest of them.     

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beautiful belly's in bloom...

Everywhere I go lately I see bellies in bloom. I love photographing maternity portraits! It's such a special time in a woman's life and capturing it is something I feel is very important. I know first hand how it feels to be unsure if you look good enough to do it or not. Trust me, you should do it. I promise we take the utmost time to make sure you see only what you like and nothing that would make you feel anything less than beautiful. We can soften stretch marks and even hide the extra weight. I have given birth three times, so I know what you are going through. I can honestly say you would never regret having the portrait, however if you don't do them you may very well regret that. For the month of March and April we want to photograph lot's of tummy's. Bring us your beautiful belly in bloom and we will give you something I know you will love! $25.00 belly sessions for the month of March and April. 32-35 weeks along is ideal. We will choose our top 20 bellies and publish them in our Beautiful Bellies in Bloom book that will be on display. Call today to reserve you session. 817-795-9922.
This beautiful mommy  is expecting her second son.  Thanks maddy you were beautiful as always. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ya gotta love it!

There are those sessions when you laugh, when you cry and then there are those when you just say a big "yes!"  These are two of my favorite clients that have become friends.  I always love to hear good news and when I got the news that they were indeed pregnant I have to say I teared up with joy! Not only is Michelle glowing with hot mama beauty, But Austin  glows when he looks at her.  I am Thrilled for you both!  I can not wait to see you guys loving that baby!  

A few of my favorite images from last week

What a fun week of  sessions!   In fact we were so busy last week that I didn't even get a chance to post on Friday like I have been trying to do.  So, this week I am posting my "Friday Favorites" on Wednesday.  Thank you so much to each of you!  I am excited for you guys to see the rest of your images!

Ella Bella... Where the cutest girls go to shop!

Here are three "Ella Bella girls" chosen to be the models for the stores spring ads in Living Magazine: KoKo, Reagan and Chloe.
They were so much fun and were most definitely dressed in the lasted fashions from Ella Bella's spring line.
Thanks to Lisa for the use of her awesome bike for the shoot!